(1) a n*gga who don't eat it but like to get his sucked is a bitch ass n*gga which is a form of bitchassness
(2)a girl who don't go down but like to get hers eaten out is bitchassness; it goes both ways.
(3) boys who brag to there boys about girls they aren't f*cking is a sign of severe bitchassnesss and just low self esteem.
-Boy: so are you going to go down?
Girl: sure, are you going to go down on me too?
Boy:sure... o-O
Girl....(is finished) welllll
Boy: I just remembered I got a test to study for tomorrow. (putting his pants on)
Girl: >:|

boy:so do you wanna go out with me?
girl:I'm not interested.
boy: you know how good you will look to be on my arm? girls will hate you and men will adore you. >:|
girl:girls already HATE on me and men already ADORE me and your one of em so eff off!
boy:*thinking* I'll show her. (next day at school to his boys)
Yoooo sonnnnnn, you see that girl right there, I fcked her last night. She sucked my dxck and then I kicked her ass ouutttt!
Boys:(jocking and jeering mad hardddd)ohhh weeeerrrrdddd soonn, she got a fatttyyyy. you hit that!!(giving and getting out pounds)
^^^Another sick case of bitchassness. Because she wouldn't let him fck, he was a bitch ass n*gga.
by fvb May 19, 2011
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Term coined by Diddy on Making the Band. Overall stank actions towards others through words, facial expressions, and/or song. Symptoms include: thinking your better than those around you, not speaking your true feelings, throwing large amounts of shade.
Tony: "Dont fuck up in our friendship Kile ... cause i will call u out on ur BitchAssNESS!!!"

Kile: "Doctor, is there something we can do??? is there something that i can take to cure this bitchassness???"
by K-Hot February 05, 2008
newly discovered disease running rampant, especially in the black community.
symptoms include:
1.punkish tendencies
see pussy or pussy nigga
2. cattiness, such as talking behind someone's back
3. thinking highly of yourself, but only expressing it under your breath
4.claiming "hurt feelings" when you are called out on your bullshit
Robert of Making the Band 4
"Bitchassness is a disease...and it fucks shit up..."
by G-Nizzle February 10, 2008
n. a disease thats sweeping the nation causing evny, jealousy, and unnecessary arguing; frequently used by diddy
we don't need no bitch assness up in here
by Dylan Hansel March 23, 2008
A terrible terrible new found disease spreading through our community as we speak.The Disease was founded by Sean "Diddy" Combs.SYMPTOMS OF BITCHASSNESS IS AS FOLLOWS:

1.)Whining or throwing little pussy fits
2.)Having your feelings hurt to easy
4.)acting "salty"
5.)Thinking your better than someone else
6.)Talking behind someone's back
"Ayo e-sizzle look at that fat kid crying over there in the corner because all his doritos fell on the ground"."Yea i see him t-weezy he has a severe case of "bitchassness" he needs to see dr.furgeuson a.s.a.p"!!!
by WOO-RAT HUNTER April 02, 2008
1) A disease plaguing America's youth that is characterized by excessive whining, laziness, and/or undeserved arrogance

2) General lameness associated with bitch ass behavior
Yo, you got a touch of Bitch Ass Ness in you too and that s#!t has to stop!

- P Diddy
by Jaycubed March 31, 2008
Diddy's definition to one that acts like a bitchass. Apparently it's also considered a "disease" to Diddy.
"Robert, you got some bitchassness in you, you little bitchass."
by TheHoodDwella February 05, 2008
Causing drama, fighting & trouble.
This will be no bitch ass ness tollerated.
by C.G.K. March 23, 2008

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