a term used by rapper Diddy on his show Making the Band..

it expresses someone showing the following symptoms
1.over confidence

2. scary like behavior
3.backstabbing behavior
The fact that you fucked my girlfriend is a sign of your extreme bitchassness.
by king0324 November 03, 2009
bitch·ass·ness Pronunciationbich-as-nis – noun
1. act of complaining; state of being a punk ass bitch.
2. disposition or willingness to bitch.
We need to stop the bitchassness at school.
The joker needs to stop his bitchassness.
by Amanda Willis August 26, 2008
A dude acting like a crazy psycho girl after being rejected
Ryan Carr showed his true bitchassness after being rejected
by ryancarrisabitch January 15, 2014
Agree with the winning def - except people said this at least 9 years before Diddy said it on Making the Band.
Dude, it's 1999 and her bitchassness is bugging the fuck outta me like a knat at a bbq. Ima dump her before the millenium.
by woods453 March 22, 2009
when the hos, tricks, or scallywags exhibit their truest quality of being a total biatch and simultaneously a straight up ass.
Maybe what's bringing our group down is the presence of all this bitchassness.
by young tyler February 04, 2008
(1) a n*gga who don't eat it but like to get his sucked is a bitch ass n*gga which is a form of bitchassness
(2)a girl who don't go down but like to get hers eaten out is bitchassness; it goes both ways.
(3) boys who brag to there boys about girls they aren't f*cking is a sign of severe bitchassnesss and just low self esteem.
-Boy: so are you going to go down?
Girl: sure, are you going to go down on me too?
Boy:sure... o-O
Girl....(is finished) welllll
Boy: I just remembered I got a test to study for tomorrow. (putting his pants on)
Girl: >:|

boy:so do you wanna go out with me?
girl:I'm not interested.
boy: you know how good you will look to be on my arm? girls will hate you and men will adore you. >:|
girl:girls already HATE on me and men already ADORE me and your one of em so eff off!
boy:*thinking* I'll show her. (next day at school to his boys)
Yoooo sonnnnnn, you see that girl right there, I fcked her last night. She sucked my dxck and then I kicked her ass ouutttt!
Boys:(jocking and jeering mad hardddd)ohhh weeeerrrrdddd soonn, she got a fatttyyyy. you hit that!!(giving and getting out pounds)
^^^Another sick case of bitchassness. Because she wouldn't let him fck, he was a bitch ass n*gga.
by fvb May 19, 2011
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