Term first coined by P. Diddy on MTV's Making The Band referring to the effort, or lack thereof, put forth by members of the cast of the show. Can also be used as a adjective describing Jacob Adam when he is acting like a sad little bitch.
Jacob Adam needs to grow a pair. No bitchassness.
by Crystal Mae June 18, 2008
LeBron James
if LeBron James was a true competitor he would have been 'the man' on his own team (not necessarily the Cavs), but he is stricken with bitchassness so he jumped on DWade's team.
by Drama_63 July 17, 2010
being a bitch to people. it is a disease
elijah has caught the bitch assness
by bitch assness January 16, 2012
I have come to notice a serious spread of BitchAssNess throughout the local area, corrupting the mental wellbeing of many people. It is undeniable. If you are going to tell yourself the spread of BitchAssNess is not a problem, you are wrong and most likely infected by BitchAssNess. It is infecting people everywhere; your teachers, friends, family, and other peers. Although I am referring to the local area, BitchAssNess is infecting on a much larger scale, our country is being affected by this epidemic to an extreme; our country is full of hating bitchasses.

Of course many cease to come to this obvious realization, but it is indeed there and at large. You may think BitchAssNess is not contagious, but it is. If you are surrounded by haters, you will hate too. If you are surrounded by bitchasses you will slowly become a bitchass. If you want to avoid becoming a victim of BitchAssNess, you must simply not fall for the hating ways of the bitchasses. I am sorry, but if you are already a victim of BitchAssNess there is only one way to cure yourself; stop being a bitchass and be real.
That kid is such a bitchass. Yeah, he has got a case of the bitchassness.
by Top broski October 22, 2010
(1)When a person lacks the ability to let go of bullshit that they bring upon themselves; (2)To harbor female emotions towards another individual, to thrive on jealousy, envy, or just to have a bitch nigga moment. (3)To show blatant disrespect towards another person due to lack of ability to grow a pair of nuts and man up to the fact that another cherish what you fucked up because of stupidity.
(1) If you rob a liquor store, get caught and complain about the justice system: thats bitchassness
(2) When you see an ex with their new partner and you can't help but to be mad and start bitching and making snide remarks: thats bitchassness.
( when you mess up in any situation and you want to blame everybody else for decisions that you make and for your shortcomings: thats bitchassness.
by Vicious Wordplay September 08, 2010
To be or have a small or large amount of bitch inside of you.
For running away from that fight, that young man suffers from pure bitchassness.
by Ike Burise April 20, 2009
Originated at Cinema Cafe located in Virginia Beach, VA




1. The act of one who is complaining; overly whiny

2. To vocally express the obvious difficult and/or the unpleasant in the immediate surroundings.

(Found in most work settings)
1. "I cannot tolerate the bitchassness anymore. You have given me a migraine"

2. -"AHH! I do not want to do extra side work tonight. This is so fucking stupid! Who does new manager think she is making us do..."

-"We all have to do it! Are you being professional right now!!? NO! So stop with the fucking bitchassness.
by Minimau5 April 11, 2011

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