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A shy guy who once you get to know is actually pretty cool. He is a true cunt killer and can get girls like no other. He has a great work ethic. He is sometimes referred to as "The King" and can party like no other.
*Guy 1: You see that King over there? He must be a Kile.
by Deeznutzk August 31, 2015
the biggest OAF living on the earth. he tends to be a blockhead, a jerk, a loser, a twit, along with a bufoon. one of his many skills is to get his arm almost cut off by a shelf. he doesnt like to believe anyone even if they are telling the truth.

he is also a sore loser when it comes to all sports

also hates smiley faces

If your name is kile, you must be an oaf!
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