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Diddy's definition to one that acts like a bitchass. Apparently it's also considered a "disease" to Diddy.
"Robert, you got some bitchassness in you, you little bitchass."
by TheHoodDwella February 05, 2008
A huge shit. (Origin is from when you take a really big dump and in curls up in the toliet into a 6.)
"Hey guys i'll be right back, i'm about to go shit a six."
by TheHoodDwella February 10, 2008
Another way of saying: "yes." Also can be used as a celebration slang.
Royce: "CHEIP! That's what it is homie!"
Donnie: "CHEIP!!"
by TheHoodDwella January 26, 2008
A shortened slang expressing the question: "Who has the specified thing one is desiring at the specific moment one wants it."
"I'm gonna get some more crack. Who?!"
by TheHoodDwella January 26, 2008

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