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1.) Not taking care of your responsibility
2.) Overall hatin
3.) Stating you were about to do something when you know you weren't
4.) Getting called out on your bullshit and taking a bitchlike approach
5.) Throwing shade because you can't do something
6.) Crying like a bitch about simple shit
7.) Acting like you are better than someone
8.) The act of being a bitch, unable to pull your skirt up and handle your shit
Jay: Where is Q?
Key: Out!
Jay: Out where?
Key: To the store.
Jay: In who's car?
Key: Her's!
Jay: When the fuck did she get a car?
Key: A couple days ago.
Jay: I told her to wait for me to buy her one!
Key: Well, what was she suppose to do...she's been waiting on you to buy her one for 6 months.
Jay: Well, I guess she got it on her own then because I was going to buy her one when I got my check. Now. I can save my money!!!
Key: She still can use YOUR money for the kids!!!
Jay: Whatever, I'll talk to you later!
Key: That nigga suffers from bitchassness!
#bitch nigga #pussy #clown #sucka ass nigga #lame
by Yonna April 04, 2008
A female who has an ulterior motive for whatever she might come in contact with....
A female who plans and schemes heavy on others, who are unknown prey.
Person 1: The last time I was here was when I was with Joi. I don't plan on hanging with her again, she didn't have any money and expected me to finance her the whole time.
Person 2: Wow, what an Agenda Bitch!
#skeezer #golddigger #bitch #hoe #tramp
by Yonna June 10, 2008
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