A stupid person that is so stupid that he can't be insulted....
Terence: Hi there wassup
Joe: What did you say? i can't hear you my hair in my ear?
Terence: you have bitchassness in you!! dumbass
by Swag Monsta December 14, 2010
When someone is being a bitch, or is acting bitchy
You best not bring your bitchassness around here.
by muahahaisuckc0ck October 29, 2009
someone who is being a lil' bitch with some assness.

i dont want no bitchassness comein in my house boiiiiii.
by jack mehawff April 02, 2009
edward swenson
edward swenson has mad bitchassness says rickard
by dick buttkiss#3 March 22, 2009
acting like a bitch, pussy, or ho. usually talks behind people's backs. known to have bitch like tendencies. not seen in one specific race.
jose: yo. this nigga juvy is tryna fuck me over! he is tellin my girl that i was fuckin' around on her with his ex! jus kuz i fucked on his bed!

madden: sound like a case of bitchassness.
by D. Madden July 22, 2008
Acting like a bitch ass person- more like a female
This group of gentleman have a whole lot of bitchassness in side of them
by Doonie52 December 05, 2008
hatin on someone sittin a round talking about hem because you're jealous not keeping it real
we're supposed to be friends but she talking about me behind my back, thats some bitchassness right there.
by plumpyplump July 23, 2008

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