A type of negative emotion; hateration; to be/act like a bitch or a coward about a situation.
After his band mates rat him out to the boss.

Robert lashes out and says that his feelings are hurt, and they (his band mates) should have called him out a long time ago instead of talking about it behind his back. Willie says that Robert has an ego problem. Diddy casually asks Robert, "You have some BITCHASSNESS in you?"
by TrutHurts March 04, 2008
1.term used by P.diddy on the show making the band
2.meaning cocky,ahead of yourself
3.to put ur self on a peadastool
4.very contagious, easy to pass on
person 1:im the best singer there is
p.diddy: hey calm your self your gettin a bad case of bitch ass-ness
by grammywinner.j. March 08, 2008
A "very contagious" disease, in which people be acting "salty"
"You do have a lil' bitch-ass-ness' in you, though and bitch-ass-ness will NOT be tolerated. Bitch-assness is a DISEASE that has run rampant in our community! There will be NO Bitch-ass-ness at Bad Boy!!" -Diddy

"I don't know what bitch-assness is, but i be gettin bitch-assness!"
by RRowley February 07, 2008
a word created by p.diddy himself. it is an epidemic running ramped in our communities; the word means envy, hate, and deceit.
"do you have a lil bit of bitchass-ness in you cause i seen the way u handled that with your girl"

by anonymous chick May 21, 2008
a commonly used phrase meant to indicate a stank attitude usually used by diddy
"i don't need no bitch assness"
by blaaaaaaaaaaarneeeeeeeeyyyyyy March 20, 2008
1.) Not taking care of your responsibility
2.) Overall hatin
3.) Stating you were about to do something when you know you weren't
4.) Getting called out on your bullshit and taking a bitchlike approach
5.) Throwing shade because you can't do something
6.) Crying like a bitch about simple shit
7.) Acting like you are better than someone
8.) The act of being a bitch, unable to pull your skirt up and handle your shit
Jay: Where is Q?
Key: Out!
Jay: Out where?
Key: To the store.
Jay: In who's car?
Key: Her's!
Jay: When the fuck did she get a car?
Key: A couple days ago.
Jay: I told her to wait for me to buy her one!
Key: Well, what was she suppose to do...she's been waiting on you to buy her one for 6 months.
Jay: Well, I guess she got it on her own then because I was going to buy her one when I got my check. Now. I can save my money!!!
Key: She still can use YOUR money for the kids!!!
Jay: Whatever, I'll talk to you later!
Key: That nigga suffers from bitchassness!
by Yonna April 04, 2008
(Diddy Created it)

1.describes the behavior of a male/female who is acting out of pocket.

2. when a male/female over-reacts at the smallest thing

3. when a male/female tries to push your buttons just because they are having a bad day

1. Que from Making the Band 4. The entire season!

2. When Duane got dumped by Kia his actions were nothing but bitchassness. He cried, wined about how he missed her to his homies and couldn't eat or sleep.
by RealZeta06 April 10, 2009
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