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noun, a Brother In-Law
My BIL is a slacker.
by John Carlos September 12, 2006
but I'm lying (opposite of "tbh")
"Yeah sure, I'll pass you the mashed potatoes, bil." (The speaker does not intend to pass the mashed potatoes.)
by El Doble June 23, 2015
"Bil" is the Danish word for car.
Se, der er en bil, og den kan køre!
(Look, there's a car, and it can drive!)
by Bent Bentsen June 20, 2009
B.I.L = Baby in love. An adult, resembling a baby by face or body, who has fallen in love.
Individual #1: My buddy went out on a date lastnight.
Individual #2: The one with the babyface?
Individual #1: Yeah, he's totally in love.
Individual #2: Typical Bil.
by Any F.H. (Future Husband) February 02, 2007
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