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Slang for vagina. Also, a name given to men of Chinese descent. Goes well with the name 'Wang'
Put your wang in my kan.
by Kan Wang January 23, 2005
Literally means ok then. Popular with fat cornish bus drivers. Often comes before m'lover (my lover, meant in a non sexual way.) Often used when thank'u'an seems too complicated.
Thank you for driving the bus.
by bif March 17, 2005
Ancient chinese surname given only to a select few who possessed great wisdom, knowledge, and foresight.
Chosen one. One who knows.
Mr. Kan, Ms.Kan, Mrs. Kan, Dr. Kan
by urbancorrection October 24, 2011
Also a term for the dribble of brown juice that you can often see slipping out of a well-shagged teenage male's arse.
I got Joseph really drunk on Friday, and when he passed out, i slipped it to his tea-towel holder. Boy did i laugh when i pulled out and saw that he'd Kanned his boxers.
by Scouse-lover. May 06, 2003
An incredibly wet, smelly, black fat shit. Often produced in a steady stream after consumption of 7 pints of guinness the night before.
Good lord, vicar - you've got a case of the kan today!
by Anonymous May 06, 2003
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