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A troll post that began on the newsgroup alt.tv.game-shows in 1998, was later posted in many forms, and spread throughout usenet groups such as alt.pro-wrestling.wwf, rec.sport.pro-wrestling, rec.arts.tv, alt.fan.billie-joel, and many others. It's a lame attempt to make fun of NBC's short-lived Jack Barry and Dan Enright produced "Hot Potato" hosted by the late Bill Cullen.
hat putato
Enduring Freedom Potato
kat putato
Potato be Hot
Patata Calliente
by Johnissoevil March 18, 2004
A lame attempt at trolling. It's a spelling used to make fun of the late Bill Cullen, host of many great game shows. Appeared on alt.tv.game-shows and many other newsgroups on Usenet.
wy did bil kulin wok funi? did he wunt tu b a klown? he shuda wor a klown nos tu.
by Johnissoevil March 19, 2004
An person who annoys you in every way possible
"Richard is a major slimefuck."
by Johnissoevil February 01, 2004
A person who is an ignorant ass. Vulgarity level is equal to that of "bitch/bastard."
You fantrint! How could you not see that piece of paper sitting on the floor?
by Johnissoevil March 22, 2004
An insult used towards those who are doing wrong at the mediocre level. The vulgarity level is equal to that of "asshole"
You fangant! Ask before you touch next time!
by Johnissoevil March 22, 2004
Normally used towards people who act like jerks; The vulgarity level of the term is equal to that of "fuck."
You stupid fanch! You just ruined my new shoes!
by Johnissoevil March 22, 2004

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