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a two faced cunt. Usually a woman. Says one thing to your face, and the exact opposite to everyone else.
Yes of course i love you
(naah, he's a mug)
by gary anton November 29, 2003
A male/female who has a hot profile picture on facebook, but when you click on their photo's they don't look anything like their profile picture. They are ugly now and in real life.
Berg: "Hey guys get in here and check out this hot girl"
Friend 1: "She is smoking hot, click on her pic's."
Friend 2: "Oh dang dude she is ugly and looks nothing like her profile pic"

Berg: "She is bifacial"
by Dewey IV February 08, 2011
Adjective describing a couple in which one party is clearly a lot better looking than the other
Look at that bi-facial couple over there. She's too hot to be dating that fugly thing.
by Macilentus February 18, 2008
A couple (boyfriend girlfriend, husband wife etc) in which one is extremely good looking and the other is homely or ugly as fuck.
Hence bi-facial
Oprah with Hugh Jackman, bifacial

"Did you see that hot girl with that old man, they are definitely bifacial"
by Mattywompus November 22, 2008
having a mixture of zits on your face, both blackheads and whiteheads
cory smells like noxzema
by bruja April 23, 2005