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a bald woman whose arms were torn off by a shark in a devastating scubadiving accident. her boyfreind bought her big fake boobs to compensate. a date rapist's dream
"what *** fuck?"
"the isn't a bad word"
"who *** fuck asked you?
"the you"
by bruja April 22, 2005
A Rasmus is a small furry nocturnal creature that's a cross between a koala, sloath and has large eyes like a bush baby. Rasmus or 'The Rasmus' as their known in plural, live on a diet of plants and leaves. These creatures are mostly found in woodland areas.
"My garbage was ripped open last night by The Rasmus."
by Bruja May 06, 2004
pedestrian obstacle course. daytime open air homeless storage facility
City Council recommends that passersby should not give beggars money.

If you give them money, they will just buy drugs or alcohol. Offer them drugs instead, eliminates the middle man. I recommend strychnine. Godblessyou have a nice day
by bruja April 22, 2005
french word for egg. impress no one with it, when you say it, it sounds like you just tripped over your deformed feet.
"fry that œuf, bitch!"
"wtf? you havin episode 'gin?"
by bruja April 23, 2005
wooooooo! i'm watchin you
<-> <o> jus kiddn! foolio
by bruja April 23, 2005
thats wart we call dem neegros, yup, ah gorta go warsh my underwar now,
deej jew see thart cullud feller? he durn looked at that purdy wat gull
by bruja April 23, 2005
this one's drunk, thas why he layin on the sidewalk
fuckin homeless 'people'
by bruja April 22, 2005

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