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Girls take pictures of themselves, pick their favourite one and post it as their profile picture. Sometimes, girls use two or three of the pictures and use a picture editing website called Picnik. Girls edit the shit out of their pictures to make themselves look somewhat hot. What's the point of all of this? To get "Likes" on their pictures. It's almost as if it's a race to get the most likes on your profile picture. It gets so bad, that some girls delete their picture they just posted if it doesn't get enough likes within a certain amount of time.
"Woah, that girl looked so hot in her profile picture... now that i think of it, she's ugly as fuck in person"
by awesomekillergurl October 07, 2011
The first thing you stalk when you add a new friend on facebook.
Bro: Yo man im totally makin on this chick
You: K man lemme check her facebook

You: Dude, shes got mad tats on her profile picture
Bro: Dude, thats just her facebook in real life she has 10x bigger bongos
You: Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet someeeeee
by Pear-Bear December 20, 2010

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