A boy that is different from any other! A "Ben" is someone who is a life-long friend. A friendship with "Ben" will turn into a romance. They are very smart and are amazing swimmers! A "Ben" is very muscular but never brags.
We have always been friends but now, I love him. He's a Ben!
by Supernora June 22, 2010
He is instantly liked by most people and has an incredible charm about him. He is most likely blond and has quite good looks and enjoys playing sports!
Ben's so hot!
by the wizard master March 17, 2010
'a' - you're adorable
'b' - you're so beautiful
'c' - you're so cute and full of charm
'd' - you're a darling
'e' - you're exciting
'f' - you're a feather in my arms
'g' - you're so good to me
'h' - you're so heavenly
'i' - you're the 'i' that idolize
'j' - we're like jack and jill
'k' - you're so kissable
'l' - you're the lovelife in my eye
'm','n','o','p' I could go on all day
'q','r','s','t' alphabetically speaking, you're okay
'u' - make my life complete
'v' - makes you very sweet

It's fun to wander through the alphabet with you
To tell you what it means to me
by abbness May 12, 2010
Sexy, Laid back, Smart, Caring, Puts others needs before himself.

Has amazing class and can carry himself through many a situation. Toned body, amazing in bed, great tease and can hit all the right spots. Well endowed and not afraid to let people know. Type of guy who's ex girlfriends never really forget about. Rugged features makes him the ultimate underground hottie. Heart breaker or mender, can turn a girl on as fast as he can make her cry.
"Whoa who is that? I've never noticed him before!" "oh thats just ben" "damn he's sexy"

One minute I thought he was into me, the next he shut me down...must have been a ben"
by lehcarxo January 17, 2011
Cute, Funny, sexy and is a greatt mannnnn. amazing smile, and perfectt hairr! He also has a sexyyy bodyy. Very active and loves basketball. he tends to play girls. But hes absolutly amazingg.
You: Oh my oh my, look at him.

Your friend: omg. He is definatly a ben!

You: Yeah hes MY Ben. :]
Your friend: Well than....
by Bensbabygirl10 February 28, 2010
an amazing boy. he is your best friend and you love him. he can make you smile about pretty much anything and all the time. ben is also a very sexual person. but he will always make sure you are alright with it. ben can make you feel so much better. ben will call you beautiful or gorgeous and he makes you feel special. he remembers things you say and often will crack an old inside joke between you and him. ben can make your day with just one conversation. ben also gives amazing HUGS :)
ben: hey beautiful

you: haha hey.

girl 1: did ben just call you beautiful? god your lucky hes so cute.

girl 2: haha yea we're kinda really good friends.
by stuckonyourlove May 29, 2011
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