The most amazingly hot ,smart, and sexy person ever! He is a hottie but no one reliazes it yet! But he's already mine so back off!! Also a HUGE Tech Geek <3
OMG did you see that guy he reminded me of Ben!!

Meaning: he was super hot and sexy
by GeekLoverGurl13 December 07, 2010
a truly amazing guy, who will be the best boyfriend ever plus he has a 20 inch dick :D
Ashley: I think ben is pretty amazing, dont you think?
Rach: Yeah, hes pretty peng
by cygz101 May 25, 2010
an amazing boy. he is your best friend and you love him. he can make you smile about pretty much anything and all the time. ben is also a very sexual person. but he will always make sure you are alright with it. ben can make you feel so much better. ben will call you beautiful or gorgeous and he makes you feel special. he remembers things you say and often will crack an old inside joke between you and him. ben can make your day with just one conversation. ben also gives amazing HUGS :)
ben: hey beautiful

you: haha hey.

girl 1: did ben just call you beautiful? god your lucky hes so cute.

girl 2: haha yea we're kinda really good friends.
by stuckonyourlove May 29, 2011
1. a guy that get all the chicks.

2.steels other peoples girlfriends.
1. ben steels aarons girlfriend
2. fucks every chick in the school
by jacksonwantstofuku October 28, 2008
A super sweet awesome guy who loves all kinds of music. he is extremely sweet and has a great sense of humor. he would be the most amazing boyfriend or friend.
Girl: who showed you that band? Ive never heard of it!

Girl2: Ben showed me! isn't it awesome :D
by iLOVEu! November 07, 2011
A super cool guy who gets all the girls and has lots of friends. Fun to be around.
Wow Ben is the best!!
by :) :P :/ June 05, 2011
extremely attractive, and has a lot of spicy jokes that always make people laugh. he a true hero to most people, and is good with melons.
aw that ben is my hero man, he can juggle my wifes melons all he wants man
by achmedddd January 29, 2011

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