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Stewart is a very decent person. hes outgoing and original. Hes a goodlookin guy. hes sexy and a very good lover. hes caring and kind. he knows how to treat a girl. hes clever and funny.
number one:wow i wouldnt mind being that boys girl!

number two:thats stewart, yeah i heard hes a good ride aswell
by hiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa October 20, 2009
The sweetest man alive. He knows how you like your bacon, whether you prefer gold or silver, your favourite flowers and every anniversary you share. The one man who cares about your obsession with turtles and Rotweiller puppies.
Stewart is a man who calls you beautiful, and describes you as such to his friends.
Every girl needs a Stewart in their life.
by pokemonroadkill August 03, 2010
When you meet a Stewart for the first time there will be instant energy and sparks. He is the type of guy that listens intently to everything you have to say and will think about it and bring certain points up later in conversation. Stewart is a lover of the outdoors, especially the mountains. He wants to see and travel all of the world. Genuine and loving, always seeking a way to make his lady smile. A guy that will hold your hand, open doors for you and guard you from harm. When you're with a Stewart you will realize how wrong all the other guys, before he came along, truly were. Stewart will kiss you and shower you with affection and will say the sweetest things ever! Additionally, he is very toned, loves to workout, run, and stay active. Has an incredible body that is only second to his crystal, clear, baby-blue eyes. Incredibly intelligent and studious. Not to mention a passionate lover - the touch of his hands will cause you to just melt. Stewart is a true treasure!
by ladybug19 October 13, 2011
a rare type of weed that only grows in or near las vegas
that stewart bd got me so high
by niggassaywhat!1111 February 08, 2010
sexy beast and pussy slayer
oh he's a stewart i can't wait to ride him hard
by nat69 February 09, 2013
A Stewart is known for his trademark fluffy blond hair and blue eyes... Usually armed with a cheeky grin and an arse sculpted by the Gods, he can charm any woman he wants. Often a rugby player, he has a childish but brilliant sense of humour. He is normally amazing in bed due to being very well hung, not to mention experienced... He's partial to a swig of gin every now and again, but will drink anything if it's cheap. Prone to an annual bad haircut, takes months to grow back. Once you've had a Stewart in your life, it's hard to go without.
1. "Oh my god, did you see that teacher? He's a Stewart for sure..."

2. Urgh, look at his hair - he's had a Stewart.
by beyoncefan94 February 12, 2011
An Adorable little boy who makes people cold at night...
Stewart's a bitch.
by Notanotherboredomfixer October 16, 2013

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