A £10 bag of weed. Used throughout england!
"ey blud cud u shot me a ben?" "yeh mate!" "safe."
by Kris Y October 11, 2006
A male subject who often takes form as a grizzly bear. aka...Griz
Ben ate all the salmon in that pond!
by balllllllllinnn March 27, 2007
Really tall, super amazing, the best sex on the planet, huge dick, super cute. Every guy wants to be him and every girl wants him. has the most amazing personality. loves plants. Really strong and can stay up for hours just screwing. Has the most amazing eyes and doesnt know how truly amazing he is.
"Did you see that guy?"
"Yea that's Ben I hear that he is really great in bed"
by Gizmo_26 February 13, 2010
an awesome sensitive guy who cares about his friends and will listen to them no matter how crazy there situations are.
attractive, but doesnt see it and could get many chicks but is blind-sighted
Whoa what a ben
by KattK March 31, 2009
An amazing guy. Has the sweetest heart. Doesn't exclude anyone, just cause he's that nice. Loves his friends. Has the most amazing eyes. Though he may not show it, he's an amazing dancer and singer. He's hilarious and so handsome. He's wanted by many, and all the guys are jealous.
"Woah! Who's that singing?!"

"Oh, that's Ben!"
"He's amazing...and hot!"
by turtlez101 September 24, 2011
shy, cute, amazing, innocent.

hes not mean at all, its impossible.
bestest kid ever
that kids ben as.
by niggageee September 25, 2010
Your own little angel
His eyes could light up the sky and when he smiles you know he is the one.
His is tall and good looking

He is kind, caring, loving,amazing,special and you can talk to him about anything.
He should be preserved so all of the people in the world can view his pure gorgeousness.
He is one of a kind
No one in the world would be able to afford his rare beauty, that he possesses.

If you ever find him please return him to me so he can be loved 24/7
He is rare and very special to me.
I could not imagine life without him
I love him
Person 1- "Have you heard about ben?"
Person 2-"Yes, I don't think his for sale, his very special and only belongs to one girl"
Person 3-"Damn, he sounds absolutely amazing, I wish he was mine"
by blue ribbon chick May 10, 2010

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