a truly amazing guy who everyone likes. Bens are handsome, very funny, kind and make amazing boyfriends
Oh my god! That guy is a real Ben.
by Kitt :) May 23, 2010
The best friend you could ever had. So understanding and loveable. Someone I will never forget. Someone you will love forever no matter how much of an asshole they are. Funny and sexy. A true god-like person. Enviable and kind hearted.
I Love You Ben
by ILoveHim181195 May 09, 2010
a word used to mean "having lots of friends" he is amazing at virtually everything and is very smart.
"that kid ben is so cool"
by teddy720 March 31, 2009
Usually a cool guy who gets all the babes, and did I mention..... A HUGE COCK!!!!!!!

"Wow dued, Im so jelous of Ben!"

"Yeah I know, he has such a BIG penis!!!!"

"Dam strait."
by yall-know-who-i-isssss October 21, 2008
An asshole.

A general term used to describe someone annoying in Dublin City centre and in the surrounds of Trinity college, used mainly by the students.
Your such a ben
by beanertcd11 March 26, 2010
man with an abnormally large penis. Likes to have sex and get blowjobs. Girls adore his sexiness. Ben is the worlds sexiest name and he who has this name is bound to be sucessful and sexyyyy no matter what.
He is sexy like ben!
nothing is sexy as ben!
by lkajdfhldkjfhad June 03, 2009
Sexiest man on earth. Has multiple orgasms with hot women daily. Sometimes is referred to as sex god.
1: Man did you see that guy? He is such a Ben. person 2: I heard he has a penis thats 15 inches long. Person1:yah he stil booda's bitch though.
by orange ownage April 30, 2009

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