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An amazing woman that always speaks the truth and knows good people from bad. She deserves the world and no less because she helps her greatest friends through the best and the worst times that they go through.
She may have a tiny ginger for a boyfriend but that's the way it goes! ;)
a: Who were you out with last night?
b: Samina
a: I bet you had an amazing time!
b: Yeh we did the Trickey dance to Run DMC too!
by frangipanne February 18, 2011
Noun: a ben
Something a Scottish man named Stewart would put his rubbish in.
Person 1: Where do you put your rubbish?
Stewart: In a ben.
Person 1: No, you put it in a bin, with an "i" in the middle of the b and the n. B-I-N. Bin.
Stewart: I'm not saying it wrong, you are. It's a ben.
by frangipanne February 18, 2011

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