A really amazing and sweet guy. A person named Ben will almost never have trouble getting girls. Bens are incredibly attractive. If you are close to a Ben, you are very lucky. He will care about you if you care about him. Simple as that. Very kind hearted, and very sweet. A Ben will be very hard not to fall in love with if you get to know one. He has poor taste in the girls he chooses, but that will one day change.
Ben: I can tell when something is wrong. I know you.
Other Person: I love that you care, but it's not something you can help with.
Ben: At least let me try to help.
by starz2012 February 19, 2012
extremely attractive, and has a lot of spicy jokes that always make people laugh. he a true hero to most people, and is good with melons.
aw that ben is my hero man, he can juggle my wifes melons all he wants man
by achmedddd January 29, 2011
A man who is so freakishly awesome, handsome, funny, friendly and even a little bit nerdy that you have to love him. Bens typically come with brown to blackish hair, are white(the black bens are rare), and are a smidge taller than the rest of the kids in your school. There are probably 3 to 14 girls who like this ben. Either he knows or is completely blindsided. He is hilarious and will be sent to the principle's office for that many times in one year. He is awesome at doing anything you want and is committed.
Girl 1: Omg lyke ya did you see Ben walking down the hallway? He is lyke sooooooooooo cute.
Girl 2: Well he is mine you b*****.
by Ben Leroy March 07, 2012
The nicest guy ever. He will take extremely good care of you. He will hold your hand, and put his arm around you, and hug you like you're the only two people on Earth. He will buy you the most heartfelt presents you could ever imagine. He's kind-hearted, caring, the funniest guy ever, and will make you feel good all around. He's the cutest. And most of all.. He will love you passionately, and endlessly.
Ben is the love if my love. He makes me smile like crazy.
by OneDirectionAreLifeRuiners June 09, 2013
Ben is the most perfect guy on this earth. He can make this one specific girl so much happier than she ever thought she could be, he can make her feel so special. This girl will never let her Ben go, he's way too precious.
Ben is more than amazing
by ssadomasochism October 09, 2014
A loving, kind, gorgeous person who has the best personality ever. He is a charmer and a excellent hugger. He can make you feel on top of the world when you feel down just with one of his cheeky smiles.He is the perfect boyfriend and is a great love maker. Altogether he is a sexy beast!
He is such a ben
by charlesthebeast1 December 08, 2011
Ben is a sexy beast... he is usually around 6 foot + and all the women are in love with him. he has a giant cock and always manages to get into a 3-way at the end of a night out... all in all ben is god
"Oh my god remember that guy me and you had sex with last night..."
"yeh such a Ben"
by EpicDude xD October 07, 2011
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