Beast iz a scally word 4 awsome
Orite like dat car iz a beast
by Mossie June 05, 2005
Somebody who is pretty much own ass at something.
Whoah, that dude is a beast he just shot the moon... that fucker...
by BUA June 05, 2005
Just like in a video game, a Beast is well, a Beast.

An awesome, cool, amazing person.
"Duke, hes a beast!"
"Duke i done knowz done donts even needs to tells mes"
by n-raddicus June 03, 2005
a cool, hip, awesome person
Yo man your a beast!
by Tyler Leigh May 23, 2005
to be amazing on Halo 2. to have godlike skill. must always be repeated at least twice within a 10 second timespan
that guy just got a Killimanjaro! he's a Beast!...that guy's a beast!!!
by T Sizzle April 21, 2005
a kid that bangs the shit outa anybody that moves
beast nailed her and her and her and him
by hahaha beast March 29, 2005
Meaning laffin, sound, peakin, or just any word that means something good ;)
'beast mate', 'arr thats a beast!' 'ar beast!'
by ARMS March 28, 2005

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