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Lebron James from Akron,Ohio
That beast Lebron James can grab a a stack of quarters off the top of the backboard!
by I3ullDawg April 20, 2008
Extremely hard fucking. Usually consists of the girl digging her nails into, and scratching the fuck out of the dudes back cause it's that good.
Yo brah, me and Julia were beastin last night.
by mike-uh March 31, 2008
Someone really ugly who eats a lot. May or may not be hairy but usually is overly hairy and very unnatractive. They look like they belong in the zoo.

Someone with an ugly face.
1. Vitale is so huge and hairy he looks like a beast.

2. Michael is so ugly facially he looks like a beast or a neanderthal.
by tmsns March 09, 2008
a word that can be used to describe just about anything and means fierce, amazing, as well as memorable
"That grapefruit is so beast!"
by Tamiqua Jackson February 29, 2008
Verb- To own someone and/or a group of people in a sport (mainly basketball).

Noun- Someone who is very good and/or agressive at a sport (mainly basketball).
Verb- Dude, Timothy beasted that guy when he tried to go in for a lay-up.

Noun- Dude, Timothy was a beast at the basketball game last night.
by /\/\I0 February 07, 2008
The biggest of them all..
the head boss.. good at something
"You are THE beast"
"You are LE beast!"
by frankie jones February 02, 2008
1 Awesome, amazing, good.
2 Somebody that is awesome, amazing, or good
That guy is beast at snowboarding.
by Johansd December 06, 2007