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When you take a Milwaukee's Best aka A BEAST and hide it somewhere for one of your bros to find. When they do they just got BEASTED. Kinda like icing, but not gay. That's it. No rules, just beasting.
Bro #1: Dude, I totally just found this warm Milwaukee's Best in my drawer while I was looking for a condom to rail this fat ugly chick with herpes.

Bro #2: BEASTED!
by beastingboys November 19, 2010
112 43
To have excelled at something as if using super-human beast like skills.
I totally beasted my math test, got an A.
by MagicEmu May 08, 2004
179 138
To be on the receiving end of a brutal ass-whupping in a fight or sporting event.
Tank Abbott got beasted by Kimbo Slice.
by mursedawg July 10, 2008
3 3
to do exceptionally well in or on something.
He beasted that soccer game last week.
by Repool34 September 29, 2009
26 34
When, for a single moment, a normal average person powers up like Sega's Altered Beast becoming a violent creature and dominating a person, place, or thing.
"Dude! Did you see Billy eat that sub! He beasted that shit in two bites!!"

"Did you hear how Joe fucked that chick? He beasted her so hard she had a concussion!"
by Supabeast78 April 21, 2010
12 31
A word typicaly used for when someone pwns someone. Either on an online game or in real life.

Guy that got beasted upon: I know, I got totaly beasted on, its because i suck.
by Yanisaurus_rex September 10, 2009
5 24
What cool kids on Gears Of War say, especially nubs.

Yo, I beasted you, cuz im MLG Pro.
by Crim50n baybay July 25, 2008
4 23