The absolute tippety-top cream of the crop bona-fide awesomely supermodel alike attractive woman.
Oh my god! Look at that Natalie. Shes an absolute BEAST!
by bulldozer conquers all! March 02, 2005
Made popular by the boys of Mater Dei: this word is jsut another variation of cool! or awesome! But there are a lot more ways to use it

when describing someone it basically means theyre the shit or they own etc..
1> I went to the 311 concert, it was SO beast.
2> He is such a beast, he gave me 50 bucks for no reason!
3> I'm the beastliest beast in town.
by Lesley February 20, 2005
A no toothed,ring around her neck having 400 lb hairy beyotch.
Damn yo, that be one hurtin looking beast
by Paunold October 18, 2004
Beast meaning good, amazing, outstanding, exceptional.The redefination of the word came from the town of Carrickfergus in Northern Ireland by the younger generation, it soon spread.
That football game was a beast. That girl/guy's ass was a beast.
If been told something amazing, the person listening would reply "Beast"
by Gary Broad August 09, 2004
To beat someone so badly that they feel the need to cry.
Oh man, i beasted you on go-karts the other day!
by Phoenix K July 28, 2004
short for Ganjabeast, an expression meaning a person under the influences of cannabis sativa. Invented by me in oral communications class in Amherst, MA
"yo man we just blazed 6 bowls!"
"i know yo we're such beasts!"
by dantumi June 14, 2004
Someone who does big things.
Mostly used as a compliment.
"You're a beast. You just dunked it like M.J."
by 5iNcoGNiTo June 13, 2004
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