A substitute for any noun. Can describe any noun. Can also be chaged to an adjective, so it becomes BEASTY. Used for extremes.
1. Yo man, you gonna turn that beast down (radio)

2. Thats a beasty amount on there (referring to weights)
by MKanabar June 22, 2006
1)a person who thinks that they are great and the best
2)someone who is really good at something
3)a monster
4)another word for awsome
i AM the beast!!
dude, that chick was a beast when she threw that football!
theres a beast in the woods, dont go in there
dude, you were a beast in soccer today
by Bisty Bist June 19, 2006
someone who is tough, damn near unstopable in their class: ("weight,age,group")can fight and we do what ever it takes
or just can put somebody to sleep literaly TKO someone who is ruthless
let's said a dude punched another guys and knocked him out or just kept beating him senseless they would be consider a "STRAIGHT BEAST" just ruthless acts
by Corey Hardin May 30, 2006
Somebody who is a vicious eater.
"Dang that bitch eats like a beast!"
by MisterCity April 26, 2006
1. to be very aggressive (more commonly used when describing aggressiveness during sports or sex)

2. used to descibe very ugly male or female; the epitome of ugly

3. another name for prison (jail); used more commonly in the 80's & 90's. another well known term is "belly of the beast"
1. Michael Jordan was a beast last night he scored 57 points! or Last night Kevin fucked me like a wild beast.

2. How could you set me up on a date with that beast?

3. Julio been locked up in the beast for the past 3 yrs now.
by Paperchaser February 25, 2006
Meaning: To do something quickly.
"Beast it over to the tuck shop at the start of break to get to the front of the queue"
by Jonny.R December 19, 2005
1. to hit, or hurt a friend with a large bat or pole.
2. A Large Flatulant man.
by Leo Boys August 05, 2005
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