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1:the ultimate male
2:the coolest dewg ever
3:the ladies man
Dude did you see Gigglepuss?
He is such a fucking Beast!
by gigglepuss August 25, 2008
A guy who is extremely sexy or good looking.
What do you think of that guy in your 4th period class? Jeff? He's a BEAST!
by dizzblnd August 22, 2008
Someone who is cool. Or someone who is just straight up gangsta. Someone who is an athlete, or makes a great play in a game. Someone who is straight up intimidating.
Kyle, Ray, Alex, and Roscoe have their own circle in school they are Beast.
by Martoneisabeast July 18, 2008
Any manner of hair on a person's body.
"Man, tame your northern beasts!"

"Last night I shaved my southern beasts."

"Yesterday I saw an Australian beast... and it was awesome!"
by GabGab July 10, 2008
Garrett Allen Iverson
Garrett Iverson is a beast
by garrett iverson May 30, 2008
1. (Noun) A person who is good at a particular thing. See also, The Bomb.

2. (Adjective) Amazing.

3. (Verb) To completely own someone or something.
1. "Did you see that huge guy? He's a freakin' beast!"

2. "That guy was totally beastly."

3. "Dude! I just beasted 'Through the Fire and Flames' on Expert! PWNAGE!"
by Mya Abbott May 24, 2008
to say that something did or looks good.
OMG Mikey is so beast at skateboarding!, Your project is so beast
by elmo! May 09, 2008