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Imitating or living your entire life like a celebrity dyke.
Dude, have you noticed her recent dyklikeness?

Yah, I cant believe i might be dating a dyke.
by savergen May 02, 2009
The actions of a person, place or thing that would require a word that is fun to say, and requires a word meaning better than awesome. This word can be used as a noun, pronoun, verb or anything you wish.
Dude, you are beast.
by savergen June 11, 2009
Having the right characteristics to be a beast. An action performed described as beast.
Dude, that was beastly.
by savergen June 11, 2009
A word that could be described as beastly, but the user wants something even more slang.
Yo, man, that was beastin'.
by savergen June 11, 2009

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