Another word that means, to pass gas, with a quick, sharp bang.
Is that a car horn outside or did Bryan just Barney?
by Kelly Belly September 01, 2006
barney, barney rubble=trouble From oceans eleven
if the parachute doesnt open i'm in barney
by Straffern May 18, 2005
n. One who causes a problem

Origin: Barney -> Barney Rubble -> Rubble -> Trouble... you get the picture
We've been at the bar for 10 minutes and we've already run into a barney.
by Murph February 22, 2005
Your boyfriend's name for his penis. (meaning big and scrumptious)
Girl: Baby, do you have a name for your penis?
Boy: Yes, it's barney. Hope you can handle it. ;]
by HaleyBailey 3.0 June 05, 2009
A scandal-walker, a young man who attempts to go too far with his dates. A lothario.
Eunice, keep away from that barney. If you don't let him pet he makes you get out and walk.
by Bob Proczko October 16, 2006
An ugly guy.
Comes from The Flinstones: Barney Rubble.
Eww, he's such a Barney
by misssarah January 08, 2006
Its cockney slang for trouble
barney rubble - trouble
your barney!!!
by Kingpin March 26, 2004

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