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A hilarious, and yet awful, misspelling of "rapper" typically found in poorly written youtube comments.
eminem is a best raper
by hebronjames August 25, 2010
The lame, miserable and incorrect spelling of the word rapist.
Guy1: Dude, that raper on TV raped the girl.

Guy2: Raper? Don't you mean Rapist?

Guy1: No.

Guy2: Then learn proper english, moron!
by [Fackin']Under August 07, 2008
One who rapes. With a touch of humour.
This Week's "Animal Hospital" comes from the St. Raper's home for cancerous rabbits. It's Rolph Harris with a hutch of tumours.
by TV Spunk January 30, 2003
The object inserted during a rape such as the penis of a rapist
by Christ, Loo March 29, 2016
a person (usually male) who displays rapist qualities, but is not actually a proven rapist; someone who displays pervy or inappropriately handsy behavior towards women to the point at which one believes he could be a rapist, but has no evidence to prove so
Girl 1: There's the guy who squeezed my butt!
Girl 2: Todd?
Girl 1: I guess. He totally grabbed me though!
Girl 2: God, Todd is such a raper.
by Zoandrea October 25, 2009
one who rapes.A man who molests you women.The man is usually REALLY desperate for sex.
That's him. Thats the raper.
by BOSER March 24, 2003
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