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See: television A virus that seeks to manipulate its host by means of infected data.
The television brainwashed little Johnny to blindly accept what he sees.
by JoeJoeJoe September 10, 2004
137 26
To make people foolishly believe something that is not true.
Casey has been brainwashing Sheri, Greg, John, Becky, Billy, and Michael into thinking I'm a bear when I'm not.
by Karen Stickney April 29, 2006
99 13
What religious parents do to their children.
Lets brainwash our child to be Christian. But we're going to call it in indoctrination.
by science_ftw June 21, 2010
69 31
Religious fundamentalism can brainwash kids at an early age.
by Adelbert Steiner March 22, 2008
52 20
To make people foolishly believe something that is not true.
Millions of people around the world were brainwashed in believing they were bad people.

Brainwash is evil and destructive.
by pseudonymA March 01, 2013
13 3
Two guys are getting hand jobs from a girl, and when they're about to cum, one guy shoves his dick in the girls left ear, and the other shoves his dick in her right ear.
This girl couldn't hear for a week after i gave her a brain wash
by coak October 24, 2006
13 30
this is when you get your girl on her knees. then you ask her to close her eyes so she doesn't know what you're about to do. shove your penis into on of her ears and then start to do her. when you come, take your penis out, and a trail of cum should come out of ear, looking like soap.
damn last night sean and brad brainwashed this chick at the sametime. you should have seen how much soap came out of her ears.
by scahn October 24, 2006
22 89