A single cell creature with no brain. (i.e. Bottom of the food chain)
by punk'd July 19, 2003
What we all here grew up on and now must make fun of to prove our manliness. By doing this we basically are as immature as 10-year old little boys.
Lol barney is eveil kay guys.
by LRS November 18, 2007
Vegatables on the plate, the horrid crap ones you dont want to eat.
Person 1: Get those barneys off my plate.
by Dead-Eric November 02, 2007
type of bud, (marijuana), that is bright purple and green like ya boi, Barney.

The Jacka

"Smokin' a stick of that BARNEY, not that purple dynosaur, that shit my nigga's dyin' fo'"
by ItsmeMikey23 April 12, 2007
Some people think that the whole purpose behind the Barney show was to make kids do drugs and drink beer. Before airing the show, the guy in the suit would go out and buy a 6 pack of beer. And while singing the Barney I Love You song he would dump the crack down the hole. It turned out like this:
“I Love You”
glug glug glug
You love me
glug glug glug
we are friends---
And when he came to that line a chemical reaction in his damned stomach would go off and his eyes would bulge practically out and hysterrically say “10...9. 8. 7... 6.. 5...4 oh god...3...2.2....1! AWK! and explode and blow up into the sky like a fricken screwer. When his blood splattered all over the ground, the kids said , ew nasty. Hey guys barney left us some fricken beer! lets drink it and get high! And sadly the same thing happened to them except they didnt blow up and later in their lives they were hobos and carrying signs saying Can I screw Barney pleez and make him horny to get revenge for blowing up?
Hey kids beer is good!
by Frogger April 30, 2005
A Boston, USA, street term for hippie, vegetarian college kids phisheads. They dress like they just came off a farm yard barn milking the cows. barney singular, barneys plural.
Those white college kids renting the upstairs apartment appear to be barneys.
by john January 02, 2005
The only good Bush in the White House, Dubya's Scottish Terrier. Was born in New Jersey by Christine Todd Whitman's scotties.
"Barney is the only good Bush. The only time he lies is when he goes to sleep."
by Dodger of Zion July 23, 2004

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