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a mainly white area just near ilford a mainly coloured area. its home to a majority of orange chavs but in between them there are some normal people you also get the wannabes hanging about by the mcdonalds or the swimming pool. other than that its a nice area.
orange girl: i need to go down to barkingside high street to get some more foundation
chav1: yeye kk then we can hang by da swimmin pool til da 150 comez.
by tengoyehaha July 12, 2009
7 7
An area full of wannabes from all over nd sum buff gurls from hainault come over. Chavs hang round the bus stop near the swimming pool nd play footy un front of the libry, buff gurls from hainault lukin for boyz cum down barkingside
girl: bored

girl2: lets go barkingside ini
girl: kl kl might as well get kfc l8erz
girl2: den get naughty wiv boyzz
girl: u bitch...haha
by Nick Chav February 21, 2011
3 11
Mainly a white area where chavs like to hang about outisde the swimming pool and mcdonalds, known for its prostitution this area in essex does have a few buff girls so what dont you come on down and dont forget united sports down the road, and go down to the little park across the road wer u may see 2 6th formers playing football in their school uniforms with a tennis ball and if u get hungry stop off at abigails cafe which has the best burgers in the world, but dont go round the back if the owner asks you to.
chav1: lets go barkingside man
chav2: yea
by eghwfuil January 22, 2008
3 11