Movie in development, scheduled to come out in '08, featuring fucking Dave Chappelle, T.I., Katt Williams, and a bunch of other cool black guys. Look it up on Wikipedia for more info.
Ballers looks like it will be a ballin' movie. AHAhAHA, see what I did there? I used ballin' in adjective form, to describe a movie named Ballers. Man, that is rich.
by Spaceman Spliff June 09, 2007
a baller is someone strait up with the hommies. They're livin' large. Always in with the " incroud". If your a baller your a strait up pimp-gangsta. Strait up wit the homies around da block.
baller,pimp, gangsta, brooklyn, homie
by kaykaykaykay March 16, 2007
A drug dealer who moves sufficient quatities of the product such that they always have dope and money.
"Wassup with him? He balling?"
"Yeah, and word is that the cops know he's a baller."
by trific May 28, 2006
Someone you probably don't want to get involved with, because they probably have multiple STD's.
"That ballers balls are infected."
by xthatssohardcorexxxxx July 24, 2005
A baller was originally used to describe a Pro Basketball Player but how it refers to this context is what those playes do with thier money. They come back to thier old neighborhoods and spend thier money where they feel the most comfortable which is excess compared to the people who still live in the community. $10,000 bar bills in a local club, $5,000 shoes for a community dance $200,000 car in a neighborhood where the average value of a car is about $7,500 and the aveage age is 6-7 years old. There are men were formally poor but who have found ways to make large amounts of money $75,000yr or more but prefer to spend it among partying with the poor where they shine because of thier new found wealth than with the rich where they are shunned because of thier pedigree or color. A baller most accurately describes a man with money who likes to spend it. One who has accumulated wealth in a Roth IRA and shops at Wal-Mart for everything and is cheap when he goes out to party is not a baller. He may be wealthy but he is not a baller. A baller only applies to someone with a net income of $75,000yr or more and signs of his wealth are visible. Aston Martin Vanguish, brand new 7 series BMW, house worth more that $350,000 and he flaunts it (tastefully) among people who are not as fortunate and becomes a celebrity of sorts.
Woman: Hey baby, we can just take my car to the party. I don't think it will be a problem, will it?
Man: No baby, I am a baller. I have to represent (stay true to my reputation). We will take the silver Aston Martin.
by Johnny Bravo April 23, 2005
Them annoying purple guys in San Andreas. SHOOT ALL BALLERS!
Yo i cant compleat San Andreas, keep on gettin shot by them ballers.
by GIGGLES March 06, 2005
someone who deals more than one variety of controlled substance.
"..this person should have what you need, He is a baller."
by fidget January 16, 2004

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