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a pimp daddy who gets around town on a different girl each night and has a nak fo the seed.
ya, otis ova thare is da prime balla' yo, he knows his pimp shit
by alex trebeck April 21, 2003
17 39
A fake MC who walks around with 25 cent jewelry
yo shit it is for ballers
by rbt85grand July 20, 2003
10 33
Another word used to describe someone who plays basketball. Can also be used to describe someone who has a large amount of money and has nothing to worry about.
by Joshiro007 February 15, 2003
22 45
Someone who has alot of cash
Dam that nigga is a baller!
by Ball-er January 31, 2003
37 60
the act of being fly or cool
Jimmy thinks hes so baller.
by T-homie November 18, 2007
60 84
a person with there shit together ,almost always holding the pure and thick ass wad of cash.
damn!!! my wife run off with the baller.
by kerry wood September 04, 2004
36 60
A P.I.M.P who is a straight up G and keeps it real...they pop they collar and got crazee money
pop ya colla cause Q is a balla holla holla holla
by gangsturr August 04, 2004
44 68