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Coolest person you will ever meet. Great at sports like basketball. Likely named Kelly or Michelle. Opposite of triangular.
Kelly and Michelle are such ballers! They would so make varsity basketball!
by bunnybarney November 19, 2011
Someone who regularly T-bags other people for fun.
Donald T-bags everyone he beats in Halo. He's definitely a baller.
by AlienOne May 09, 2011
Originates from someone who is really good at playing basketball. A 'baller' moves fluidly and with intent, can lead and also work well with his team.

This has been generalized figuratively to anyone with such qualities in other disciplines.
"I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller..."

Jay: "Rob got a fucking A+ on that calc test, I fucking failed it."
Ted: "No worries man, Rob's a baller. We should study with that cat"
by drtdiggers February 14, 2009
Someone that can make it to high levels in COD zombies. Baller status is achieved after eclipsing level 30 or more on maps despite the constant horrible play of n00bs that open the door in the alley and turn on the power too soon
Ryan and Scott are total ballers after reaching level 35 by themselves
by astrotart May 01, 2012
Kobe Bryant
alldayereday. turn on your tv. he's a baller.
by AlyRaz December 05, 2009
for one to make a shot in one throw from a standing point of lengthy distance. in turn meaning whenever one does something fucking sweet, it is "baller".
shit son that was BALLER!
by charliefowlaah March 14, 2010
Not being rich but spending a lot of money
Aint he a gangster? No, hes a baller.
by thugsta cole September 06, 2010