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A very beautiful girl with blue eyes and long curly hair. A girl any man would be fortunate to have. Sweet, affectionate, and passionate person who loves family and friends. Smart, witty, great sense of humor with a twist of sarcasium from time to time. Fun to be around. You are very luck if you ever meet a Tabatha.
I was totally taken back by her generousity and kindness....she must be a Tabatha!
by jokeyjokemaker February 15, 2010
277 132
Ta`-bath-a Meaning to bathe. People with this name are known for their obsession with cleaning. They often have bangin' hot bods, and are quite aware of it. They make the best sammiches in the world. They're busy, creative, artistic, spiritual and childish at times. Not very honest or forthright by nature.
Guy: Hey Tabatha would you like to go out on a date tomorrow?
Tabatha: Sure I'd love to
Guy: Awesome!
Tabatha: Yep great!
Guy: So you ready?
Tabatha: Sorry I can't go my boyfriend is being a real jerk!
by Keithro May 21, 2008
182 125
The love of my life. Someone meant to be a forever and always and nothing less. Beautiful, smart, creative. If she doesn't say quit then she isn't the right Tabatha.
I love you Tabatha
by Mummbles/Snoozer March 17, 2010
109 55
The girl few people notice, the ones who do love her, she is always lovely,Nice,Beautiful, & you always want to kiss her
1. "Tabatha looks beautiful!" said Cole.
by Swaglicious Cookies August 23, 2012
24 15
prenounced: ta-BATH-uh
a word meaning a nice, pretty, fun girl who loves cats, puts off homework for periods of time and likes to bake lots of pies.
" Barbara, your such a wonderful tabatha!"
by reabobea September 28, 2010
46 45
n. slang for the drug Ecstasy (C11H15NO2)
(methylenedioxy-n-methylamphetamine) MDMA
I'm gonna meet up with Tabatha this weekend.

I really like Tabatha.

I've gotta go pick up Tabatha.
by Cechise April 04, 2005
114 133