for one to make a shot in one throw from a standing point of lengthy distance. in turn meaning whenever one does something fucking sweet, it is "baller".
shit son that was BALLER!
by charliefowlaah March 14, 2010
Someone who regularly T-bags other people for fun.
Donald T-bags everyone he beats in Halo. He's definitely a baller.
by AlienOne May 09, 2011
one who is good at basketball; one who has cash money, girls, hangs with da big Gs, and has da nice wheels
Man, Mike D aint no baller cause he wears his shirt tucked in and wedding ring, but Mary is a baller, cause she got ups and da moves! Damn!
by Mary and Mike D May 10, 2003
A woman who has sex with a lot of different men in a short amount of time.
She's taken home at least 3 different guys this week. That bitch is a frickin' baller!
by SunshineSkipper October 13, 2009
the term baller came about in street slang to mean someone who sold cocaine which a street dealer would ussually have an 8-ball of product on him (3.5 grams) so the started calling them ballers
"tony's balling today with the goods", or "yeah he went down for being a baller"
by lansingjosh32 April 18, 2009
someone who's got money and bitches.
RBT is an international baller--he's got money and hos all over the world
by ballerette August 20, 2008
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