Like a cougar but the old lady is a gay old man.
John: dude, the badger is all over that young dude
Bill: He better keep his butt-hole tight
by wWitbshy April 09, 2010
A crazy bunch of Dutch geeza's who go to LAN's all around Europe. Also known as NLC.
Welcome to the home of the crazy Badgers!
by MrWhite December 14, 2004
a regular attendent to all a sport teams matches, often knows everything about the team and wears badges on his baseball cap to signify what matches/stadiums he/she has been to.
my mate knows everyting about scaracens rugby, i think he might be a potential badger

hey, look its a badger!
by justthatdude73 May 08, 2011
an annoying creature that destroys your prized lawn.
malc - i don't know what to do, my lawn is being ravaged by badgers

kim - try pissing on it, i read on the internet that they don't come near the smell of old piss.
by billinom8s November 02, 2009
A black and white creature seen in the book/film the wind in the willows based on a real life creature
badgers are often seen in woodland parts of england. I used to have a badger in the woods behind the cottage i lived in, we used to see it while plucking black berries to make jam, mmm jam, badgers badgers badgers
I saw a badger in the woods today
by disturbedDRAGON January 26, 2004
A Fairly large, Animal usually found in North America & Canada. Also Another name for police.
There Are A lot of badgers in Canada; Those damn Badgers are everywhere.
by Willy May 25, 2003
Supreme wealth and or money.
Man 1: Did you see Lenny's new g4?
Man 2: Yer, whadda Badger.
by PALExWHALE May 25, 2010

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