The male equivalent of a cougar, i. e. an older man, past his prime cruising around to bars looking for young girls to sleep with. Inspired by the badgers reputation as being, short, squat, somewhat ugly, but with a tenacious grip. Also it's part of the weasel family.
Oh my god that Badger wouldn't leave you alone! He should iron his shirt and start dating someone over 40.
by spjork August 30, 2007
being a furry bear like creature that lives in a hole in the ground (or sett), that's what makes this the perfect counterpart to Beaver (who lives in a pile of sticks on a river or lake: a Dam)!

it doesn't make much sense, but it'll keep large audiences amused for minutes.
Badger Badger Badger!
Beaver Beaver Beaver!
by Flota August 24, 2005
Badger: (verb)When a birdy goes out-of-bounds to the left in badminton, usually inside the fence.
H: Ack! Out-of-bounds.
J: Yeah, you really badgered it there.
by Myself5 April 13, 2008
A term used to describe a really hot female, for discreet purposes! e.g. a tampon!
maaan check the badger 6 oclock!
by sarah boot September 24, 2005
someone who rocks badges SOOOO HARD!!!
Man, you see that girl? She a straight up badger!
by pseudonymofme July 10, 2008
the coolest people you will ever meet.
they enjoy screaming BADGER everywhere they go.
they like to party and drink pomegrantie drinks.
they love each other longgg timmee. =]
Their lives revolve around badgers.


Those badgers (^^^) are amazing. LT.

by brittany starr badger May 05, 2008
A white man with a black man's wanger (cock). Used to describe a white man with a big shlong! Derived from the colour association with a badgers fur.
Look at Paul isn't he a Badger?
by C-J! November 29, 2006
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