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The greatest animal ever to be found on gods fine earth. These creatures can be found in woodland areas and live in sets, they are black and white and about the size of a dog. They are the dudes of the forest, so dont mess, seriously, you go anywhere near these guys and the will attack, and trust me they are fast, one chased my mate and had him trapped up a tree for half an hour once! If they werent so few, they would rule the world with a badger army no problem! Also the word badger can be used in the same way as pester, or irritate i.e Stop badgering me. And on top of all that, badger just sounds funny...
There is a badger on the kerrang adverts, he can be seen wearing a firemans outfit and torturing other small woodland creatures
by pete_coe May 27, 2005
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Medium sized creatures with black and white coloration. Have been known to congregate and dance. Apparently like mushrooms, but not snakes.
Badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger MUSHROOM MUSHROOM!
by IanTheLUEser December 14, 2003
Verb. To bother incessantly.
"Stop badgering her, she's not interested in buying another pair of your cheap trainers."
by Dylan Hewson August 02, 2005
One Badger is equal to £7.50
It is the street price of one tab of scrote.
"You owe me a badger!"
by I am Dave! Yognau(gh)t January 09, 2012
British alternate term for American vulgar term Beaver.
Badgers have a stripe on the forehead, Beavers or Pussy are parted with a pink stripe i.e. the labia or pussy lips.

One can also go badger baiting!
"Wouldn't mind licking her badger"

Or, "I fancy going badger baiting tonite."
by D Stanley November 17, 2007
Highly addictive (or irritating, depending on the mood you're in) viral cartoon featuring a group of badgers exercising along with background music, played on a loop until the viewer is sick of it and decides to turn it off.
Badgerbadgerbadgerbadger MUSHROOM MUSHROOM


by KYR November 17, 2007
1) Medium-sized, blackand white stirped mammals resident in the northern hemishpere.

2) The mascot of the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

1) Wow, that badger attacked me in the woods!

2) GO BADGERS!!! On Wisconsin!
by Jack Cole January 31, 2006
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