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one main sexual organ in the female vaginal area; the organ that causes the orgasm
after sex, the girls clitoris jumped with excitement
by anonomous April 16, 2003
where the man places his penis between a woman's preferably size F boobs and has 1)the woman move up and down or 2)thrust his hips until he jacks off and cums all over the woman's face and neck.
my boyfriend titty fucks me all the time, that way, my boobs get sum execize too. I have size DD, but my bf wants to get em enlarged.
by anonomous January 25, 2004
God's blind spot. Where you can do anything you want.
Man let's go to Mexico and get drunk.
by anonomous June 14, 2005
the body ache which you experience in the morning after a night of drinking. Most commonly accompanied by vomiting, quivering, head ache, short term amnesia, and (depending on your drink)diarehea.
I got fucked up watching the game last night.My hang over was so bad that I awoke this morning with puke all over my shirt, shit down my left leg, no idea how i got home and no tolerance for my bitchy girlfriend.
by anonomous January 31, 2003
comes from germany.. means beautiful..not hott not banging. beautiful or pretty.
that girl is a fager
by anonomous March 23, 2005
Mike Collin's"Jelly's" sister, Who is currently pregnant.
Jelly's sister has a fupa.
by anonomous March 20, 2005
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