Black and white bear/dog thing that is very cool, until they maul you.
"Wow, I just saw a badger."
by Skitster August 13, 2003
sturdy carnivorous burrowing mammal with strong claws widely distributed in the northern hemisphere

ie found quite often in the UK. the UK! they're viscious bastards when you piss them off. oh and some girls make badger noises during rough sex. haha.

see also bananaphone
i hit a badger at 70 down a country last night. now it's worm food
by Dijital May 22, 2004
A homosexual man who frequents parkland or commons seeking gay sex with other like-minded individuals. From the expression 'looking for badgers' or 'badger watching' used by such individuals when questioned by the law.
Officer: 'Allo, 'allo, 'allo, what's all this then?

Respose: I'm just badger watching.
by jw2034 April 17, 2008
A short, stocky, middle-aged white man, who is balding, and has graying hair and a moustache. If you tour the rural midwest, you will find tons of them. Their primary habits are hunting, drinking beer, driving pickup trucks, napping, and telling old football stories.
My dad is a badger, so i'm thinking of getting him a moustache trimmer and a case of bud light for his fiftieth birthday.
by ihatebuffering March 05, 2011
Random word given to losers who feel themselves too cool to be normal and do things like actually laugh instead keep a straight face and say "Lol" or "rofl"

Name given to people who use text speak in face to face conversations.
"Lol that joke is too funny"
"Wow badgers"
by H84 February 07, 2013
Someone who sleeps/ has sex with someone else to steal their things/ property!
I completely badgered this bint up the wrong hole last night! She didn't even notice..what a pussyole!
by badger-mushroom- snake September 01, 2009
A woodland creature that, while you sleep off a night of imbibing intoxcating spirits, will kick you in the stomach, spit on your face and rape the inside of your head


A general purpose noun (or verb) that can replace any similar word
Steve - Mate, you look awful - heavy night?
John - *Groan* Fucking badger got me


Steve - Could you pass me that badger?
Jonh - Badger it yourself
by B@tty December 24, 2008

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