A random Saying used for trolling, and 'Raiding' of Websites

Originating From the video "Badger Badger Badger"
Person 1: "hey lets raid a room!"
*Enters Stickam room*

Person 2: "What the hell?!?!? Where did all these people come from?"
by Shatnation207 July 06, 2009

A grumpy male companion or husband; commonly seen wearing an untrustworthy mustache.
Badger is so grumpy today.
by Badgerio April 02, 2011
Verb: To point to the ground and say "Badger?" in order to distract somebody. This can be related to "Dropped your pocket."
The hobo was following me, so I badgered him, and while he was distracted, ran away.
by Swarlay February 14, 2008
The male equivalent of a cougar, i. e. an older man, past his prime cruising around to bars looking for young girls to sleep with. Inspired by the badgers reputation as being, short, squat, somewhat ugly, but with a tenacious grip. Also it's part of the weasel family.
Oh my god that Badger wouldn't leave you alone! He should iron his shirt and start dating someone over 40.
by spjork August 30, 2007
(n) A declaration of wind from the anus.
Queen - Badger

Charles - Core blimey Mummsie. I'm grateful for the advance notice but please lay off the brussel sprouts.
by chocolatelamington January 11, 2007
A small skinny wierd boy from st.johns close hayling. usually found feeding ferrets and liberating the fish . approach with caution can turn viscious
badger you cunt
by jimbob April 18, 2004
A form of wagering or bargaining.
Let's not badger 'bout the prices unnecessarily.
by Hercolena Oliver August 28, 2008

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