snakes eat 'em and they eat mushrooms
*yummy* I eat those...
by Dark Phoenix November 13, 2003
Self congratulating narcissist commonly found at UK festivals frequented by people in Hunter Wellies.
Q: What the shuddering fuck is that outside the Hunter Style Dome?
A: It's a bunch of Badgers doing another ukulele flashmob
Q: But nobody is enjoying it apart from them
A: They're Badgers.

Q: Can we leave now?
A: Yes.
by WideAsItIsLong August 13, 2012
To flip someone off, also known as "the bird" or "the middle finger". Badger is the act of flipping someone off, in place of "I stuck up my middle finger" or "I gave him the bird", the verb "badger" is used.

Used to imitate the angry temperament of the animal of the same name.
"I got badgered on the highway when I accidentally cut this guy off- totally uncalled for!"

"Who's bugging you? Just badger him next time- that'll shut him up."
by Kellzisalie December 14, 2008
Means well gud or streetracer
That was well badger or luk at thoses 2 badgers going down the road
by Mr Susan & Carl the tennis rat August 11, 2008
mystic creatures that was used as backup against the forces of sauron in the movie "the two towers"
"thats not an orc-horn"
by brandon heat January 31, 2005
To look, examine, or see.

Derived on "Butcher's" from Cockney Rhyming Slang "Butcher's Hook" meaning "look"
"Let's Have A Badger's"
by Mark October 17, 2004
Highly intelligent mammals that have formed a utopia in my sock drawer. Soon I will drop the bomb on them.
badgersbadgersbadgersbadgersbadgersbadgersbadgersbadgers..mUUushrooOm, MuUshroOom!..badgersbadgersbadgersbadgers
by wysiwyg February 16, 2004

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