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To lure someone with what you know they will like.
Jack: "hay Tom, Jon was wearing a gold Rolex in Wal-Mart last night."

Tom: "Oh… you mean he was baiting for chicks in Wal-Mart last night."
by team baiting ftw May 15, 2010
An excuse a troll uses upon posting an idiotic thread or reply to a messageboard. Usually said after said troll is flamed and shown of ones idiocy.
OMGzors I wasn't serious LOLz0rs!!!111 I was just baiting you and you fell for it!!
by JC October 22, 2004
Something posters do to gain post count. Posters post something dumb, waiting on other peoples posts so he can reply for some +1 post count. Also, posters can flame people as bait, so the person who was flamed will reply, and there will be a big argument, leading to alot of +1 post count. Largely used on the Vault Network forums (VN)
Neorah: Grunty you suck at life, give up.
Grunty: WTF, I'll kill you.
Saberwulf: Baited!
by Saberwulf December 24, 2004

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