The star characters that gave the name to an internet animation released in 2004. The animation consisted of badgers, mushrooms, and snakes dancing, repeating their names over and over.
Badger, badger, badger etc.
by onenemesis May 14, 2005
an unattractive sub-species of the cougar; whereas the term "cougar" commonly refers to a mature female on the prowl, the term "badger" can bring to mind a fugly cougar.
Johnny went off on a cougar hunt last night, had too much to drink, and ended up spearing a badger.
by susansh March 18, 2009
A late developing, pre-pubescent child (usually male) who is amongst the last in his class to develop hair around the you-know-where. Neologism possibly derived from/confined to Worcestershire, England area.
"That Adam Lallana, can you believe he's still a badger?" - Schoolkid, right before aforementioned Lallana runs off to tell teacher, crying like a bitch.
by Purplehornet January 04, 2014
Another word for a moustache. If reffered to as having a badger the person shouldn't be proud of it. People with badgers are usually teenage boys starting puberty, with that disgusting upper lip hair- which although they may be proud of- girls find it gross.
girl 1: yuck that guy has a badger
girl 2: gross, he has more hair on his upper lip than on his head, and it aint pretty.
Badger: Like my stache?
girls: bleughhhh
by eeeeeewwwww April 30, 2011
A bad bloke, Someone who has done something to dissapoint a team or group of mates.
Bondy, you didnt give me fuel money you badger!

Bondy hurry up you badger

Your a badger
by Ziley November 30, 2006

Complete confusion about a certain situation.

Not in possession of one's mental faculties.
"Thank you for explaining but I'm completely badger."

After Sean's explanation, Lewis was badger and speechless.
by It's Coach Frank May 03, 2011
People who show up extra early to garage sales or auctions to try and see the merchandise before anyone else.
Ah shit, we've got badgers in the driveway...tell them the garage sale doesn't start till 7!!
by Casey Mayfield March 02, 2007

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