meat product consumed by millions of people worldwide. Very fatty and unhealthy, but delicious. Referenced incessantly on T-Shirts modeled on For example...BACON MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER and YOU HAD ME AT BACON. Stupidest looking shirts I have seen in a while. Nobody I know gets it, and can't imagine they are selling too well
Me: Those stupid bacon tees keep popping up on the side of the screen while I am entertaining myself on I really wish there weren't so many stupid banner ads on this website.

Kelly: Yeah I know, but what are you gonna do? They are stupid though
by Hoodsbie Saunders January 10, 2010
God's gift to man
Jim: i feel bad for observant jews, they can't enjoy bacon
Tim: indeed. let's go mourn their loss by making a bacon sandwich
by pbfoot December 11, 2009
edible sex
no one can resist the taste of Bacon.. it's just too good
by FallingDownInDarkness December 29, 2010
the police
other slang: pigs, fuzz
Blue: What you need, homey?
Jake: Crack. about 20 bucks worth.
Blue: Crack?! Smells like bacon in this muthafucka! What I look like, a sucka to you, nigga? Fuck you, rookie.
by teh pwnerer November 28, 2004
Pure holy greasy love
Bob: Hey, Sorry your mom died.

Steve: It's fine, I ate some bacon.
by baconlover2010 February 02, 2010
Cops,Pigs,Po Po,Police
I smell bacon.Run mutha fucka RUN!!!
by Emily November 29, 2003
Porky, salty, greasy goodness for any time of day.

see also Kevin Waltman
I could totally go for some bacon right now., salty and greasy in my mouth.
by The Shiny Apple May 20, 2011

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