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A wannabe police officer. Often times obese "security" officers.
"Dude, yur going 20 over and there's a cop right there!"
"Cool it man, it's just some turkey bacon."
by Cazi October 15, 2005
1. To spam an online discussion with inane and off-topic comments in an attempt to stifle intelligent debate. Usually done by insecure forum members (fanboys) who are unable to acknowledge or discuss negative aspects of their chosen platform.

2. To derail an online discussion under the guise of "self-moderation".
This term originated on the Playstation 3 (PS3) section of the well respected site AVS Forum. A thread was started to discuss the (then) recently announced $1 billion loss by Sony and how that would affect the pricing and future of the PS3. A small minority of forum members took this to be an attack on the PS3 and proceeded to inundate the thread with off-topic banter and in-jokes (involving turkey-bacon and waffles). Regular forum members continued to try to intelligently analyse the subject, but these postings were overwhelmed by off-topic chatter and the thread eventually closed.
by John Q Law January 22, 2009
A way of complimanting a jewish girl. (Usually a BBG) By means of saying that she is jewish (kosher) and hot (sizzlin)
Giiiiirl, you be turkey bacon, kosher an sizzlen
by CVR BBGS February 03, 2011
(noun.) A distraction or waste of time.
PERSON RIDING SHOTGUN: "Hold on, I'm going to hop out of the car here at Grand Central Station and try to find a bathroom, but I won't bring my cell phone, so you'll get to spend ten super-efficient minutes circling the block in rush hour traffic and waiting for me to re-appear at my leisure." (passenger suddenly leaps out while car is stopped at red light)

DRIVER: (yelling after her) "Why don't you just wait until we get to the movie theater?"

OTHER PASSENGER: "This is turkey bacon."
by Nitro et al August 04, 2008
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