The greatest person in the world. Also known as Baekhyun. He's the sweetest guy ever. He is married to Chanyeol and they sail the happiest ship next to HunHan.
OMG Bacon is totally Chanyeol's wife.
by OhMyBacon September 10, 2012
Bacon is a term used for the worlds most delectible, delighted, breakfast course. Most bacon lovers will eat it every day.

Bacon is made out of pig, and pork, which are basically the same thing.

Some people use the word wrong as saying it is just pig. A meat used for food. Food. Fat in meat. A big hunk of fat. The worst food ever. DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM. They are just people who have no common sense and are idiots.

Bacon will make your life so much better. Eat bacon and I garuntee you will feel better for at least 24 hours if you eat it and other delicious foods like oatmeal, yogurt, cereal, and eggs in the morning.
"Mom, Dad, can you make me some bacon for breakfast?"
"You mean the worlds most delectible, delighted, breakfast course?
"DUH! :P"
by Chris Cracker August 30, 2009
(n.) in fact, the holiest of all meats. The story, according to the Bible of the Bacon, goes as such:

"And on the sixth day, God created the pig, and saw that it was good. And taking the choicest cuts, he blessed them, and said 'This is the holiest of meats. I shall call it Bacon', and he saw just how good of a decision had been made."
- Genesis, 13:17

In fact, a whole religion has been created around the holiest of meats, entitled the FreeBacons.
This bacon is so good. I can feel my sins being washed away by its goodness.
by Brother In Bacon December 17, 2009
Tastiest substance in our known universe

Also derogatory for cop
(Tim eats some bacon, looks off to the right, falls down due to the orgasmical event of eating bacon)
Bob: Shit are you ok? (eats some bacon(joins Tim))
by S.D.S.W. April 19, 2008
juicy cuts of fatty pig.
I want me some bacon for breakfast
by NebandtheAge February 26, 2007
The most tastiest food on earth, humans drool at the sight of it. The smell is incredible, only comes second to the taste. bacon can be eaten just about anytime and at any place. Any sane person could not turn down bacon if offered.
I am eating a bacon sandwich.
I love bacon.
I wanna have sex with bacon
by the moose! February 10, 2010
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